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A subscription service for your favourite car; how does that work then? An easy and completely online subscription service. Online purchasing has become such a fundamental part of everyday life; if you can order a pizza online, why not a car? So why not order your next car by taking out a subscription? All it takes are 3 simple steps; all of this completely online. It really is as simple as that! stands for flexibility. The minimum contract duration is 3 months, with a 2-month cancellation notice period. This means that you’re never bound by a contract, or stuck with a car you don’t really want, for longer than 5 months. Interested in finding out more about how flexible we really are? Click here to find out more.

Just 3 steps to your next car!

1. Choose the car

There are literally hundreds of cars to choose from; all on offer through our subscription service. So whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it. Just refuel or recharge, and off you go!

2. Order online

Once you’ve found the car you’re looking for, just decide the contract duration and mileage. All this from the comfort of your armchair!

3. Drive away

Insurance, road tax and maintenance, it’s all included in your subscription. Just decide whether you want your car delivered, or whether you would rather collect it yourself.

Ordering your car at

1. Choose your car has the largest selection of pre-owned cars in combination with a monthly car subscription service in The Netherlands.

Choose from the hundreds of cars we have on offer. Filter through the online content to find the make and model, or type of fuel you’re looking for. You will then immediately be shown the minimum price.

Transparent pricing

At you really do pay the price you are quoted online. No hidden costs or small print. Once you’ve paid the one-off registration fee of €249, you're almost there.

2. Ordering online

Nowadays we can order everything online: food, shopping, music and clothing, etc. From now on, why not order your next car online, too?

You choose what suits you best

Once you’ve decided on your desired mileage (in kilometres), just provide us with the necessary information, and upload a photo of your driving licence.

All that’s left is for you to digitally sign the contract and pay the registration fee and the first month in advance.

Piece of cake! The rest is up to us.

3. Start driving

It really is satisfyingly simple. Whilst sorting out the contract and paying the initial fees, we carry out a few background checks (credit capacity, insurance, personal documents, etc).

The car delivery costs are included in the registration fee of €249. We take care of everything; leaving you to enjoy all the benefits of your new car.

Generally speaking, and if everything goes according to plan, you can look forward to your new car within 2 weeks! Keep on driving!

So, no hidden costs; just a new car awaiting you! is the new and flexible alternative service for car leasing. is your address for your choice of late-model pre-owned cars. All our cars are carefully and painstakingly selected in accordance with our delivery protocol.

The delivery protocol has been designed in accordance with the most stringent of requirements. That’s why you can be certain that when you take to the road, you won’t be sidetracked by any nasty or unexpected surprises. Feeling safe and secure; what more do you want?

Where are you going with your car?

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